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Life With The Hijab By Sadaf Syed

University of Michigan’s DJ Hadeel Al-Hadidi created and broadcasts her own hour-long radio program.
Scholars teach that Islam encourages sports and physical activity for all, wrote Sayed. The prophet Muhammad is said to have invited his wife Aisha to a foot race.
Nadia Afghani, left, and Nadia Chohan make up Hijabi Deafness, a Muslim punk rock/hip-hop band.
Michelle Yim, a network engineer, skis, swims, body surfs, rides motorcycles – all while wearing the hijab.
Atlanta-based Mariem “Punchenella” Brakache (5-5, 1KO) is a former IBA Junior Middleweight Champion, boxing coach and renowned trainer.
A ballerina and tap dancer from Texas, Hiba Awad is anxious to prove “how versatile and unique a Muslim woman can be.”
Nousheen Yousuf said the practice of tae kwon do “taught me to treat daily prayers as a real meditation, where the focus is on my relationship with God.”
Nosheen Cassim, a part-time makeup artist and full-time mother of two, was born and raised in Illinois, but has been threatened by strangers who told her to “go back to where she came from.”
No matter how different they may look from other beachgoers, Sama Wareh, left, and Aurelia Khatib believe in doing what they love, including surfing.
Asma Azim, a step-grandmother from Pakistan, has been a manager of mechanics and a truck driver for more than a dozen years. She said her male contemporaries treat her with respect – especially when they discover she can repair her own engine.

Luke was on CBC's Metro Morning again today...

Matt Galloway spoke with Luke Simcoe. He is a digital journalist with Metro News. But first we heard from Detective Bangild. He says this is the first time he has investigated harassment by social media, but says it won’t be the last. 

How we used a drone to cover drought


By Matthew Waite

On Monday, we published our first stories using a small unmanned aerial vehicle to report on a record drought happening here in Nebraska. Here’s how we did it.

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Please Revise...: Theorizing the Digitopia


The fields of academic and descriptive futurism are perhaps less accessible than many would imagine.

The best examples of the genre read like Downton Abbey fanfiction to a toddler, weaving volatile scientific presumption, nuanced social theory, and broad political renegotiations…

Piton Data Lab: Sparkwise: A Data Storytelling Tool for Change-Makers


Sparkwise is a free, open source web-based tool, aimed at the non-profit sector, for creating live data-widget-filled dashboards.

Their tagline: “Sparkwise gives meaning to your data and momentum to your goals.”

You can use add widgets that visualize data — your own data, data from a social…

Social Media Phishing


Some how, my email is being thrown lures of awful subjects headers in the hope I click on one and provide my log in credentials to someone I do not know. After the LinkedIn leak, I am getting more and more of these and now from “Foursquare” but there is no email address to forward such events for either real site.

Too bad social media is all about the monitization of its users PII but when it comes to protecting this asset, they are sorry for the cliche, “Asleep at the Security Switch”.


This is a terrific graphic that breaks down how Google collected data from wi-fi networks with Streetview vehicles


This is a terrific graphic that breaks down how Google collected data from wi-fi networks with Streetview vehicles

Robocall Blogger unfuckwithable Anticipates 'A Spiro Agnew Moment'


So this happened.  Thank God they used my blog photo and not one of me drunk and vomiting profusely on the streets of Montreal or Los Angeles or something.